Portal Customization

User can customize Portal Appearance by navigating to ‘HOTSPOT SETTINGS > Captive Portals’. click on the portal name and Backend setting button. The Portal Customization Page opens up as show in Image 1. User can use this page to change the appearance of the Captive Portal (Landing Page) as per customer requirement without needing the help of professional web designers.

For user while customizing the Captive Portal the most visiting pages are ‘Backend Setting Page‘ – and ‘Preview Page‘ – . These two buttons are placed in the Portal Customization tab in the top right corner for user to navigate to above two pages instantly. See Image 1 below.

Portal Customization Tab

The selected Captive Portal may contain several pages like Login, Registration, Authentication and Reset (Login) for Email Registration login method as shown in Image 1 as a collapsible sections. These section can change based on the login method configured using the backend settings for a Captive Portal.

Image 1 : Portal Customization Page

Portal Preview

User can preview the amended Captive Portal page by clicking on button located on the top right corner, this preview opens up in a browser. User can also preview the same page by clicking on the button located below the Portal Customization page which previews on a popup window.

Portal Backend Setting

With Backend settings user can change a portal’s login methods, User information input, portal behavior, portal multi language support, Survey form configuration and User registration setting. User can access the Portal Backend setting page by clicking the button located on top right corner in the Portal Customization panel or can click on the icon located below the ‘Quick Action’ column in the Captive Portals list page for the Wired/Wireless users.

System Texts Tab

Use can navigate to ‘HOTSPOT SETTINGS > Captive Portals’. click on the portal name and Backend setting button. System Texts allows user to customize the words or phrases used in the system, for example in the Email Registration form’s input text can be changed from ‘Firstname’ to ‘Family name’ / Prénom (Translated text).

Image 3 : New/Edit System Text list

Message Templates Tab

These notification messages is for SMS/E-Mail Login Methods, these messages can be customized as per user requirement without editing the Html (<>text</>) or the keyword (#USERNAME#, #PASSWORD#, #LOGINLINK# etc.), in the ‘HOTSPOT SETTINGS > Captive Portals’. click on the portal name and Backend setting button

Image 4 : Message Template page


The Keyword are the System Macros that pulls the data from the database. Any changes made to the Keywords will affect the Message output.

Conditions and Policies Tab

User can configure The Conditions and Policies are used only in the Captive Portal which can be configured in ‘HOTSPOT SETTINGS > Captive Portals’. Click on the portal name and Backend setting button. User can enable the option ‘Required’ or ‘Optional’ to make the Conditions appear in the Captive Portal and the ‘Hidden‘ option to hide the Conditions as shown in Image 5 below.

User can also use the Conditions and Policies Page to edit the content of the terms in the text editor which is built in within the page.

Image 5: Conditions & Policies page.

Links to Videos/Demos

Create a captive portal using CMS – https://youtu.be/yrjAkt8XkT8