VLAN Steering with Aruba IAP



Find the below steps to configure VLAN steering with HP Aruba Networks.

Devices and the version used to configure VLAN steering
  • HSG (any model) and firmware & CMS version greater than the year 2022xxxx
  • Aruba IAP 303H (Virtual Controller) Access point
    • AP model – IAP303H
    • OS Version –
    • Management – IAP Virtual Controller


Step 1 (Configure Hotspot Gateway)


Step 2 (Start Aruba Networks Configuration)

  • Login to Aruba Virtual Controller
  • Configure Networks ( Navigate to menu Configuration > Networks .)
  • Click on the ‘+‘ sign as show in the below image.


Step3 (Configure SSID)

  • Key in the SSID name, Type and Primary Usage and click on ‘Next‘ button as show in below image.


Step 4 (Configure IP/VLAN Assignment)

  • Select ‘Network assigned‘ option from the Client IP assignment field
  • Select ‘Static‘ option from the Client VLAN assignment field
  • Key in the default VLAN ID (‘100‘) and click on the ‘Next‘ button


Step 5 (Configure Security)

  • Select ‘Open‘ from the Security Level field
  • Enable ‘MAC authentication‘ button.
  • Key in ‘:‘ in the Delimiter character.
  • Configure new ‘Authentication server1‘ by clicking on ‘+‘ sign


  • Configure ‘New Authentication Server‘ – RansNet radius details
  • Select ‘RADIUS‘ option button.
  • Key in the radius server ‘Name‘ , ‘IP Address‘, ‘Shared key‘ & ‘Retype key‘ of the RansNet radius server,
  • Enable ‘Dynamic Authorization‘ button, tick ‘Authentication‘ and ‘Accounting‘ check boxes
  • Click ‘OK‘ button to save the changes.
  • Make sure the configured new radius server (RansNetAAA2).
  • Click the ‘Next‘ button’ to save the changes.

Step 6 (Configure Access Rules)

  • Select ‘Unrestricted‘ option from the drop down combo box and click on ‘Finish‘ button

  • Ready to test VLAN steering.