Using “Wi-Fi as WAN” as Backup to 5G

5G has a lot of benefits for industrial automations, autonomous vehicles and modern AR/VR applications. But one of the biggest challenges of 5G is its coverage in indoor environments, where Wi-Fi is readily available.

We can use “Wi-Fi as WAN” as a backup to 5G. This also provides provider resiliency to 5G since Wi-Fi is usually in a completely different network from 5G.


Below is a snip of the CLI config. We just need to set lower route-metric for the primary/5G link and higher route-metric for the backup/Wi-Fi link. or you can explore other WAN resiliency configuration (see details on WAN Resiliency)

interface ath0
  route-metric 20
  ip address dhcp
interface wwan0
 route-metric 10
 apn providerapn
 nr-mode NR5G
interface wifi 0
  country SG
  ssid mbox_wifiaswan
    encryption WPA1/WPA2-PSK key Letmein99
    client station