Using Command Line (CLI)

Basic CLI Access

For advanced engineers, you may want to access mbox Command Line Interface (CLI) to configure advanced features for complex deployment scenarios, or to perform in-depth troubleshooting.

mbox Command Line Interface (CLI) provides an intuitive way to manage mbox configurations. There are 4 main modes:

1.mbox>unprivileged (read-only) mode. This is the default mode upon initial login (eg. login with support, through console or SSH)
2.mbox#privileged (enabled) model. Under read-only mode, enter “enable”, followed by ‘enable’ password to enter enable mode.
3.mbox (config)#Configure mode. This is where we start our configuration. Type “configure” under enable mode.
4.mbox (config-xx)#Context mode. This is where you configure individual parameters for each config, eg. interface settings, DHCP scope, etc.
Table 1 : CLI Modes

mbox CLI shortcuts:

There’re some interesting short-cut keys you can use to make your work easy and fast with mbox CLI.

S.NoShort-cut KeysDescription
1.Ctrl + AMove to Beginning of the Line
2.Ctrl + EMove to End of the Line
3.Ctrl + CClear current line
4.Ctrl + DDelete Character on the right of the cursor
5.Ctrl + KDelete everything on the right of the cursor
6.Ctrl + UDelete everything on the left of the cursor
7.Ctrl + WDelete Words on the left of the cursor
8.Ctrl + LClear the screen
9.?shows the list of available commands
10noto remove existing commands completes current command (enter enough character to make it unique)
Table 2 : CLI Handy Keys