Upgrade Host Firmware

This particular document is applicable for mfusion/mlog/HSG/CMG/UA/HSA series appliances to upgrade firmware from mfusion server.

It’s important to note that after July 2022, firmware can not be upgraded directly by pulling from github. Instead, all firmware releases will be uploaded to mfusion server and only devices with active wty/mlite support services can perform firmware upgrade.

  1. Firmware release files must be uploaded to mfusion (by mboxadmin)
  2. Each device must have a valid support status, eg. with an active wty/mlite status
  3. Each device must be provisioned on mfusion and reachable to mfusion.

NOTE for hosts running legacy firmware (older than July 2022)

1. Run ‘upgrade list’ command to list down the versions available on GitHub for the Host with legacy firmware.
Upgrade the Host to the latest STABLE github release (this will be pulled down the firmware from GitHub).

2. Make sure the device is provisioned on mfusion, then run the ‘upgrade list’ command again to pull from mfusion, Follow the below steps to upgrade the firmware:

INFO: Please also make sure all in-contract devices are upgraded by end of August 2022 to the latest STABLE version, after which the upgrade from GitHub will be no longer available, which means HOST with legacy firmware version devices will not be able to upgrade, and the only option is to send in for RMA.


NOTE for partners running private/on-premise mfusion

If you’re running private/on-premise mfusion, you need to get firmware release binary files from the RansNet support team

The released firmware files are named like:

– RANOS_2022……mbox (for the gateway appliances, eg. HSG/CMG/mfusion/mlog)

– RANOSL_2022…… (for the branch appliances, eg: HSA/UA).

Follow the below steps to upgrade the firmware:

  1. Upload release binary file to mfusion, ‘ADMIN > Releases’ menu (only for on-premise/private firmware deployment, done by mboxadmin only)
  2. Provision Host on mfusion. Refer to this link Provisioning device
  3. Navigate to the menu ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Configuration‘, find out the host you want to upgrade and click on the and click ‘Upgrade Firmware
    • Enter the Firmware Version or keep it blank for the mfusion to install the latest Firmware version then click on the ‘OK‘ button


You can also perform the mass upgrade by selecting multiple hosts, then go to “Mass Update” –> “Firmware Upgrade” to upgrade firmware for all selected hosts.

  1. Alternatively, yo can run upgrade from CLI.
    • Console to the Host
    • Run the command ‘#upgrade list‘ to list the available stable Firmware version.
    • Run the command ‘#upgrade <Firmware version>'.
    • Run the command ‘#reboot'
mbox# upgrade list
mbox# upgrade 20200916-0030
mbox# reboot


If the current version is not desirable, you can roll back to the earlier version.


Troubleshoot Tips – Firmware Upgrade

1. Upgrade by Console

mbox-hsg-cmg# upgrade list
mbox-hsg-cmg# ———————-> Firmware list empty

1. Make sure your Host has a connection to portal.ransnet.com (eg. able to ping/https to portal.ransnet.com)

mbox-hsg-cmg# upgrade 20220425-2200
Mon Jul 11 21:50:28 IST 2022
[info] downloading package 20220425-2200…
[warn] failed to download upgrade files
[warn] failed to execute this task.

1. The firmware release version (20220425-2200) is not available in mfusion, so make sure the version is available in mfusion (‘ADMIN > Release Menu’)

mbox-hsg-cmg# upgrade list
ERROR: Host not found or disabled.

1. Make sure your Host is provisioned on mfusion.
2. Make sure the status of the Host is enabled
3. Make sure the Host is under a valid contract (Warranty).