SMS Marketing

Nearly everyone has a smartphone, and almost everyone can text. Testing or SMS consider as the best method for communication. Marketing through mobile phone “SMS Marketing” become the latest trend of the world of marketing.

Most of the developed countries already initiated SMS Marketing successfully. It is so important for a business to reach out to its customers. SMS marketing helps you connect with your audience easily and effectively by sending out text messages using RansNet SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing UI

Procedure for Email Campaign

  • Configure User Group in User Management. See Create User Group link
  • Create an SMS campaign in the New SMS Campaign interface


User Group needs to be configured in the ‘HOTSPOT USERS > User Management > User Group tab‘ before configuring SMS Marketing. See Create User Group link.
User can build a group by filtering based on the criteria (Ex: a group of users with the mobile number starting with =0065 or +65).

SMS Gateway Settings can be configured in ‘ADMIN > General‘, Application Setting tab.

User can navigate to ‘HOTSPOT USERS > User Engagement‘ and select the SMS Marketing tab to configure a new SMS campaign.

Image 1 : SMS Marketing Interface

The key fields of SMS Marketing interface section are summarized below:

S/NBtn’s / FieldsDescription
01.Create a new SMS campaign
03.User can enable/disable the Fields (Columns Heading), like Campaign, Group Name, Content, etc.
04.No of rows to be displayed, which is configurable
05.CampaignDisplays the campaign description created by a user in the ‘SMS Campaign Details > Campaign description‘ field.
06.Group NameThe Group Recipient mapped to the relevant campaign.
07.ContentUser can view the design of the SMS campaign
08.Send DateStarting date of the SMS campaign
09.Set ByThe SMS campaign created user (Login user name)
10.StatusStatus of the SMS campaign
11.Action, Use can edit, enable/disable or delete the campaign.
Table 1 : SMS Marketing fields display interface

Create New SMS

Click the button to opens up the ‘NEW SMS CAMPAIGN‘ interface to configure the SMS campaign, use the Tabel 2 as a reference

Image 2 : New SMS Campaign Interface

The key fields of New SMS section are summarized below:

01.FromConfigured SMS vendor’s Sender Name*
02.Campaign descriptionName of the campaign
03.Send OptionConsist of two options
Send immediately: Start sending SMS immediately after the ‘Save SMS‘ button is clicked.
On specific date and time: Starts on a specific date and time
04.Add Group RecipientSelect the User Group to whom the SMS campaign has to be sent.
05.Custom Mobile No.Add Mobile number, out of the created User Group.
Info: Use a comma in between each SMS number
06.MessageSMS message to compose.
Table 2 : New SMS Campaign fields interface