Single Site with Single-WAN

This scenario represents a typical Router/CPE deployed for a Single Site with a Single WAN,


Use Cases
  • Enterprises requiring resilient WAN/Internet connection
  • Service providers, to deploy SD-WAN to replace MPLS and manage remote CPEs
  • Most suitable for retail outlets, logistics smart lockers or bank ATM
Image 1 : Single WAN Setup

Understand UA Internal Architecture

  • Can use any type of WAN connection (eg. fiber, PPPoE, ISP ONT/modem)
  • WAN is the primary.
  • Built-in wireless for Wi-Fi user.

Image 2 : Single WAN/LAN reference diagram

Configure UA With RansNet mfusion cloud


  • An Internet connection from ISP link ONT or Modem to UA WAN port.
  • PC with ‘LAN port network setting‘ configured as
  • Know your mfusion cloud login credentials to Register the Device (HSA/UA).
  • UA upgraded with the latest firmware. (Optional)


Firmware upgrade is not required for the newly shipped UA/HSA.


In this Scenario user will be configurating:

  • Step 1 – Physical Connectivity of UA
  • Step 2 – Configure mfusion agent in Local HSA / UA
  • Step 3 – Add and Provision UA to mfusion cloud

Step 1 – Physical Installation of UA

  • Connect a UTP Cable from ISP Router / Modem to UA/HSA WAN port
    • The UA/HSA WAN port is configured as DHCP client by default

  • Install the Wi-Fi and 5G antennas
  • Connect the PC to any LAN port of HSA/UA.
    • The LAN port of the HSA/UA is configured to issue DHCP IP address to clients and also configured as a bridge with remaining LAN ports.
    • The LAN port settings of the PC need to be configured to Auto obtain IP.
    • The PC gets an IP from network with /24 subnet with internet access.


Step 2Configure mfusion agent in Local HSA / UA

  • Connect the laptop to HSA / UA using a console cable to access the device console terminal. See link Console Access To RansNet Appliance
  • Login to console terminal with ‘Support‘ credential.
  • Configure the below command in the ‘config mode‘ to enable the mfusion agent to communicate with mfusion cloud management.
mbox-hsa(config)#ip host <IP Address>
mbox-hsa(config)#do write memory
mbox-hsa(config)# do show mfusion agent   <----------- To view the mfusion working status------
[info] mfusion agent is running

Step 3Add and Provision UA to mfusion cloud

  • Browse to RansNet mfusion cloud ( ) / RansNet on-premises mfusion to access the Management Portal.
    • Login with the mfusion credential.
  • Add the UA as an SD-WAN device. See link Add New Gateway
  • Click on the MAC address under the Remote column to configure the relevant UA