Recover/Reset Forgot Username/Password

Users can recover the forgotten Username/Password without raising a support ticket with RansNet. To recover the Username/Password, the user’s login account profile has to be completed by enabling the Email Recovery option.


Configure Email Recovery Settings

Users can find the below steps to Email Recovery settings

STEP1 – Enable Recovery Email option [Administrator to Configure]

  1. Admin can navigate to ADMIN > General menu, Select tab, tick the option [ Enable Recovery Email (for user to retrieve Username) ], and click on button.
Image1: Recovery Email settings Interface

  1. Configure the SMTP Server settings. Refer to <<LINK to SMTP SERVER CONFIGURATION>>


STEP2 – Configure Email Recovery details [User to Configure]

  1. Users can click on the user name located in the top right corner and the ‘My Profile‘ menu as shown in Image2 below.
Image2: Login username screen Interface


It’s mandatory to fill in all the detail in the ‘My User Details‘ session

  1. Users can click on the button or ‘stepup now!‘ link to configure the Recovery E-mail address.
    • Recovery Email Address – Enter the login account’s email id
    • Current Password– Enter the login account’s current password.

  1. Click on the button to apply the settings.


The user receives a confirmation mail, Once the user configures recovery email settings successfully

Reset account’s Username / Password.

Procedure to Reset Username

STEP1 – Launch the management portal and click on the Forgot username? link

  1. Users can click on the Forgot username? link
  1. Enter the email id configured in the Email recovery settings to receive the forgotten username thru email.