New SDWAN Edge

The SDWAN Edge Tab shows the list of hosts that are configured as SD-WAN Edge. From the Table View, the user can edit the Edge Configuration by clicking the MAC address in the Gateway Column.

Image 1 : Gateway Tab

The fields of the SDWAN Edge List are summarized below:

01.GatewayList of Host added as a Gateway
02.AliasVirtual name for a Host to identify
03.EntityThe Host that is mapped to an Entity
04.StatusThe status of the device (enable/disable)
05.VPN InstancesNo of instances configured in the gateway
06.ActionTo access the Host Menu or Delete the Host
Table 1 : Gateway Field Information

Add New SDWAN Edge

You can add single/multiple Edge by clicking on the button and select single/multiple Hosts from the ‘Select Remote‘ interface (See Image 2). All the hosts of the selected entity, that has been added in ‘ADMIN > Hosts‘, will appear here.

Image 2 : New Gateway Host List
  1. From the Table View, you may create or edit the gate. Edit by clicking the gateway mac address or create a new gateway by clicking the New Gateway button;
  2. For creating a new gateway, a user is allowed to create a single or multiple host at the same time. A default configuration is then applied to the host depending on the template type.
  3. Click Save Changes to update the settings;
  4. Click the Apply Changes to update the CLI Configuration.

NOTE to move elsewhere

You need to click on and To apply any CLI Configuration changes to the Host and this is mandatory.