MACC (Mobile Access Cloud Center, MACC for short) is a cloud WiFi management and control platform developed by Networks for chain stores, small and medium enterprises, enterprises with a headquarters-branch structure, operator networks, and lightweight scenarios. MACC, MCP, LBS, and RBIS together form an integral cloud Wi-Fi solution.

MACC solves a problem that access points (APs) are scattered in different cities and stores and are difficult to manage or monitor in a centralized way. The conventional tight coupling manner is more suitable for management on a large quantity of APs by hardware access controller (AC) in a local area network (LAN). By contrast, weak coupling between   MACC and APs and separation of management from data better suit a cross-Internet wireless network.

MACC not only implements AP management, but also realizes wireless control functions the same as those of the conventional hardware AC, such as automatic channel and power adjustment, optimized radio frequency (RF) management, and L2/L3 roaming, providing an actually available wireless network.

Currently, the MACC is widely applied to:

  • Vehicle-mounted Wi-Fi networks realizing upstream via 3/4G technologies
  • Commercial Wi-Fi networks realizing dialup access via common operator lines or even the home Point-to-Point.
  • Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE)
  • Scenarios with multiple network nodes, chain hotels having a unified management requirement, KTVs, and hospital external networks (for providing free Wi-Fi for patients and the public)