VPN (Client Side)

Client Side VPN allow User to create instances that are pre-configured in the Gateway device. In order to  create an instance, one must set up the instance in the Gateway device. See New VPN Instance


Some attributes are copied from the Gateway that are uneditable in the SDWAN Edge VPN instance depending on the mode selected.

VPN Instance

User can access the VPN Instance page by clicking the tab when editing a SDWAN Edge in MFUSION > Orchestration.

Image 1 : SDWAN Edge New/Edit VPN UI

New VPN Instance

User can add New VPN Instance by clicking the to add the pre-configured instance from Gateway VPN Instance .

The drop-down will list the Gateway VPN Instance for user to select and establish the VPN Link.


User are allowed to add Multiple Instances at a time. Each click of will add the panel a New VPN Instance.