Wireless LAN

The Configuration of Mobile Wireless and SSID is only available for host types which are using HSA / UA Template. The edit page lets the user to configure the device radio signal Radio0 (2.4Ghz) and Radio1 (5Ghz). Enable radio and enter required field(s).

Configure Wireless Interface

User can access the Wireless Interface from the dropdown menu by clicking on the tab when editing the SDWAN Edge.

The Wireless Tab consist of three section for User to configure Wireless Radios and the SSID.

Image 1 : List of Radio & Wireless Interface

Settings of Radio Interface

The fields of the Radios List are explained below:

01.Radio0 (2.4Ghz) /
 Radio1 (5Ghz)
ChannelRadio frequency (RF) channels
Countrycountry code determines which channels you can configure on the radios.
PowerThe transmit power of a radio
Table 1 : Parameters to configure Radio settings


To create new SSID , click on the  button as in Image 1.

Image 2 : List of New SSID fields

Settings of SSID Interface

The fields of the New SSID List are explained below:

01.SSIDIts your network’s name
02.Encryption ModeOpen :
WPA2-PSK: authentication uses a passphrase or pre-shared key on the security device to permit access to the SSID
03.Optional SettingsBroadcast SSID: Broadcasting the SSID displays the name of your network in the list of available networks
VLAN/Network: A virtual LAN is any broadcast domain
Client Isolation : is a security feature that prevents wireless clients from communicating with one another
04.RadioRadio0 (2.4Ghz) /
Radio1 (5Ghz)