Global Wireless

Global Wireless creates a wireless policy that can be shared within hosts of the entity. Wireless Policy is Only applicable for hosts that are configured as HSA/UA. Users can apply the policy via the edit host in  the Gateway Configuration or Remote/Edge Configuration.


All the rules created in the global will be merged with the local rules only when the User clicks ‘Apply Config’ button..

Global Wireless Policy

User can access the Global Wireless page by clicking the  tab when editing the Gateway. User can click the Template in the ‘Template Name‘ column to edit it.

Image 1 : List of Wireless Template

The fields of the Global Firewall List are explained below:

01.Template NameName of the Template created
02.EntityDisplays the Entity the device provision to.
03.ActionShortcut to Delete the created policy.
Table 1 : The fields of Global Wireless

New Wireless Template

To create new Wireless Template, click on the button as in Image 1. The Template should be configured with unique name and saved.

Image 2 : New/Edit Global Wireless Interface Page

Setting Wireless Interface

Configuration of Global Wireless Policy is the same as the local, refer to Wireless Edge to configure.


If the global SSID already exists in the local configuration, the local configuration will take precedence over the global policy.