Global Firewalls

Global Firewall Policy

User can access the Global Firewall page by clicking the tab when edit the Gateway. User can click the Policy in the ‘Policy Name‘ column to edit it.

Image 1 : List of Global Firewall Interface

The fields of the Global Firewall List are explained below:

01.Policy NameName of the policy created
02.EntityDisplays the Entity the device provision to.
03.ActionShortcut to Edit / Delete the created policy.
Table 1 : The fields of Global Firewall

New Policy Interface

To create new Firewall Policy, click on the button as in Image 1. The policy should be configured with unique name and saved

Image 2 : New Global Firewall Policy Page

Setting Policy Interface

With Global Policy , User can configure the commonly used firewall rules as listed below:

Firewall-Access | Firewall-Input | Firewall-Dnat | Firewall-Snat | Firewall-Set | and Firewall-Limit. See Gateway Firewall for more reference


Rule number for global is different from local rules, Which means that when a certain global rule is the same attribute as the local rule they will be both applied on the CLI configurations since their rule number is different.