New Gateway

The Gateway Tab shows the list of hosts that are configured as SD-WAN Gateways. From the Table View, the user can edit the Gateway Configuration by clicking the MAC address in the Gateway Column.

Image 1 : List of Gateways

The fields of Gateway List are summarized below:

01.GatewayList of Host added as a Gateway
02.AliasVirtual name for a Host to identify
03.EntityThe Host that is mapped to an Entity
04.StatusThe status of the device (enable/disable)
05.VPN InstancesNo of instances configured in the gateway
06.ActionTo access the Host Menu or Delete the Host
Table 1 : The fields of Gateway List


Add New Gateway

You can add single/multiple Gateways by clicking on the button and select single/multiple Hosts from the ‘Select Gateway‘ ([Entity Name]) panel (See Image 2). All the hosts of the selected entity, that have been added in ‘ADMIN > Hosts‘, will appear here.

Image 2 : Add new Gateway by selecting Entity Hosts