Orchestration Overview

With SDWAN Orchestration, it is very easy to auto-provision and remotely manage your network appliances and modify configurations. It allows users to easily configure a complex network design through a Graphical UI. Device CLI will be auto-generated and pulled by Gateway and Edge devices after the user saves the settings and click ‘Apply Config’. SDWAN Topology Graph is provided for quick display of link issues and easy access to all the appliances.


  • All hosts must be pre-created in ‘ADMIN > Hosts‘, See ‘Add Host‘ Page

Major steps to configure SDWAN:

  1. Select the Entity by clicking at the top right corner.
    • all the Hosts of the selected entity will be available for the orchestration configuration.
  2. Configure Entity Host as Gateways and Edge devices (CPE), See ‘Add New Gateway Page.
  3. Define and apply global settings (eg. global firewall/wireless settings) to Gateways/Edges (optional) See ‘Global Settings‘ Page.
  4. Click at the top right corner to update CLI commands for all the Gateways/Edges. 
    •  Gateways/Edges will auto pull and apply the latest CLI changes after this.


The overall SDWAN configuration is summarized in the SDWAN Topology Graph, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘MFUSION CLOUD >Monitoring > SD-WAN tab‘. See ‘SDWAN Topology Page.

Save Changes vs Apply Config

In SDWAN Orchestration, most UI pages contain fine cropped save change button and buttons.

‘Save Changes’ saves the current UI settings and updates the SD-WAN Topology. Make sure to click the ‘Save Changes’ button after every UI changes you make to the Gateway/Edge device.

‘Apply Config’ button will update CLI commands of all the Gateways/Edges within the selected Entity, based on the last saved UI settings.

Image 1 : Sample UI for Gateway Ethernet Settings

Auto Apply CLI changes to all Gateways/Edges

After clicking ‘Apply Config’, Gateways/SD-Branch will auto pull the latest CLI changes and apply them. The change of device configuration will usually be pulled within the 1-minute interval and the ‘SDWAN Push Config Logs’ pop-up appears, where the user can view the latest pushed config to the Gateway / SD-Branch.

User can analyze Config Difference (CLI changes) between the current and old CLI versions by navigating to ‘ System Tab > >_Config Diff‘ menu. See Image 2 below.


By default, the Config Difference shown is only for CLI changes that are to be pulled by Gateways/SD-Branch.

User can select any two versions of the Device Config to compare in ‘Compare Config‘ section


Image 2 : Config Diff Page showing CLI Changes