Global Template Overview

Global Template settings configuration is for the Host of the Gateway or Edge devices, which is configured in the Global Template settings (Orchestrator > Configuration > Templates). After clicking on the Button the global rule config is merged with the Gateway/Edge device’s local config, provided that the local configuration takes precedence over the global template config.

The UI consists of three Templates settings that can be applied to a certain host, Firewall (CMG|HSG|HSA|UA|mLog Templates) and Wireless (HSA|UA Template Only) and User are allowed to configure and apply single or multiple rules, Once the user configures its Global Policy (See Orchestration – Global Firewall, Orchestration – Global Wireless) on the Host tab (Gateway Tab/SDWAN Edge).


All the rules created in the ‘Gateway/SD-Branch Edge > Global’ will be merged with the device’s local rules only after the user clicks the Apply Config button.