SD-WAN Topology

The SD-WAN Topology Tab presents a graphical topology view of all the Hosts within the selected entity. The Hosts are configured in ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Devices‘ Gateway/SD-Branch.

User can directly access Host Data and Configurations by clicking on the Host icons here.

SD-WAN Topology Graph

Image 1 : SD-WAN Topology Graphical Design

The elements of SD-WAN topology graph are explained below:

  • SD-WAN Gateway devices are shown on top
  • SD-WAN Edge devices are shown at the bottom
  • Each VPN instance is represented by one color of the links
    • Solid lines represent primary links
    • Dotted lines represent backup links

To know more about the configuration details, see detail in Device Orchestration


The ‘HOST Menu‘ can be accessed by clicking on the device icons in the topology graph. Users can directly access Host Dashboard, Orchestration Settings etc. from this menu. See details in Host Menu