Items Summary

The Items tab gives you access to the item keys (e.g., mbox.check.linkup, mbox.cpuuage, mbox.vpn.client) of the Hosts. It provides key-based/host-based search boxes to enable you to control items at the Entity level. You can list all the host items with a specific key, and enable/disable them.

To see the Items Tab, navigate to ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Monitoring > Items‘.

Image 1 : Items Tab

Enable / Disable Items

User can enable/disable host items filtered by item key name or host name.

Enable/Disable Single Host Item

  1. In Items Tab, select an Item key from the
  2. Click on the button in ‘the Action Column‘ to Enable/Disable a host item.

Enable/Disable Multiple Host Items

  1. Select an Item key from the drop-down box above the items list.
  2. From the Select column, tick multiple host items,
  3. Click on the ‘Selected‘ button to enable /disable the selected host items.
Image 2 : Items Tab -Enable/Disable Multiple Host Items