Alerts Summary

Every Host can configure triggers that initiate actions (e.g. alarm) when the item data collected meets certain conditions. Alerts are events emerged when a trigger is fired, and automatic actions can be executed as a result . Alerts can be managed on the Account, Site, and Host level, where you can review them and take appropriate action.

The Alerts Tab lists all the Host alerts with key information within the selected entity. Automatic response options include sending E-mail/SMS, helpdesk support to designated recipients.

Alerts Tab

  1. Navigate to ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Monitoring > Alerts’ Tab
Image 1 : Monitoring>Host Alert

Alert Information Fields

01.Hosts/AliasCustomized name to identify the device
02.SeverityClassification of alerts based on the severity of each Alert
03.Last ChangeThe timestamp of the last change to the Host
04.AgeThe time length since the alert was recorded
05.DescriptionExplanation of the fault
Ex: ‘Device Down‘, ‘Device restarted‘ , ‘Log space reached‘, ‘Ram reached %‘ etc.
Table 1 : Alert Tab Fields

Configure Alerts in Host Templates

Advanced users may configure/customize alerts for their Hosts by modifying the trigger rules of the Host Template.

Navigate to ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Management > Template‘, for the Trigger settings (Parallel to Template_mbox or Template_HSA ).