Monitoring Overview

mfusion can monitor and manage RansNet gateway appliances remotely with multi-tenancy control. The devices are added as Host under Entity (Host Group). The monitoring items per Host can be controlled through the Host Template, depending on its respective model (eg. CMG, HSG, UA or HSA).

The in-depth view of monitoring details is provided in ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Monitoring‘. It also provides tools for you to easily control host Items and host Triggers. The monitoring data are grouped under five tabs:

  • Dashboard: This tab contains Host Status Summary and Problem Summary sections to provide an overview of the Host under the selected Entity, You can also customize the Host Graph Overview section to highlight important Hosts. In addition, there is a Map View section if your devices support Location Services.
  • SD-WAN: This tab gives a graphical view of the topology of an individual entity if the network structure is defined in ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Gateway & SD-Branch‘.
  • Hosts: The tab page lists down all the hosts added to the particular entity with key information like Host model, firmware version, Host uptime, inbound/outbound traffic info, the status of the Host, and Public/Private WAN IP. See more details in Host Status Summary
  • Alerts: This tab displays the alerts that are configured in the host management, By default, the Host is pre-configured with basic alerts and the alert differs based on the Template selected while adding a host.
  • Items: This tab provides an easy way to check the status of the item across multiple hosts under all /individual Entity. See details in Items Summary
  • Settings:


Users can select which entity data to view by clicking the button in the top left corner.

UI Customization Level

The Monitoring interface can be customized to suit your business needs by using flexible and easy-to-use tools. The customization can be done at the entity level and/or host level:

Entity Level

  • Dashboard Layout: You can choose which section to be included and arrange them in the order you prefer.
  • Host Graph Overview: you can choose which host to be highlighted in the Entity Dashboard page with selectable information.

Host Level

  • Host Summary: You can choose which chart to be displayed in the Host Summary page.

Host Template

The Items and Alerts monitored per host are based on the HOST Template attached to the Host, which can be specified in ‘Admin > Host > Edit Host’.

There are two basic templates for RansNet appliances, each defining a set of Items, Graphs, and Alerts. Advanced users can customize their own templates for remote Host monitoring.

  1. Template_mbox (Product – HSG, CMG)
    • DHCP usage exceeds 8000 | Severity – Information
    • mbox CPU utilization reached 90% | Severity – Information
    • mbox disk utilization reached 90% | Severity – Information
    • mbox log space reached 90% | Severity – Information
    • mbox RAM utilization reached 98% | Severity – Information
    • Too many connections on mbox | Severity – Information
    • Device has just been restarted | Severity – Information
    • Device is DOWN | Severity – Warning
  2. Template_HSA (Product – HSA, and UA)
    • Device has just been restarted | Severity – Information
    • Device is DOWN | Severity – Warning