Host Status Summary

Hosts Tab provides a summarized view of all the enabled hosts (devices) within the selected entity. It lists down key information of the hosts such as device model, firmware version, device status, Public/Private WAN IP and etc.


The host can be Enabled or Disabled in ‘ADMIN > Hosts‘.

Host Tab

  1. Navigate to ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Monitoring > Hosts‘ Tab
Image 1. Host Status Summary

Hosts Information Fields

01.Host/AliasCustomized name to identify the device.
02.EntityThe entity that the device is registered under.
03.ModelIt’s the model of the Hardware box, auto identified by mfusion
04.StatusGive you the information on whether the enabled device is UP or DOWN
05.Device UptimeThis gives you How long the device is up from the last
06.Firmware VersionThe current firmware version running in the device
07.WAN Traffic InboundThe Latest inbound speed from the WAN interface.
08.WAN Traffic OutboundThe Latest inbound speed from the WAN interface.
09.WAN IP (Public)This shows the device external WAN IP from a remote office
10.WAN IP (Private)This shows the device internal WAN IP from the Internal LAN network
Table 1 : Hosts key information

Host Menu

Host Menu is a pop-up menu that appears when you click on Host Name/ Host Mac Address/Device Icon on Topology Graph (See Image 1). It provides easy access to manage the remote hosts. Depending on your host type and service plan, the action set may include all of or part of the actions below:

Image 2 : Host Menu

Hosts Menu Actions

01.Host DashboardThe in-depth detail view of Host
02.Host OrchestrationConfiguration view of the Host, like interface, firewall rules, VPN instance etc.
03.Host ProvisioningThis is a Host Detail form to add the host to entity, Template etc.
04.Show Running-ConfigShow the command line configuration of the remote device
05.Remote RebootReboot’s the remote box
06.Ping TestIt executes the ping command
07.TracerouteIt executes the Trace Route command
08.Speed TestIt executes the Speed test command
09.Throughput TestIt executes the Throughput Test by entering your preferences
Table 2 : Host Menu

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