General Dashboard

The General Dashboard provides a summarized view of the status of hosts within the selected entity. The layout of the dashboard and the Host Graph Overview can be customized to fit your preferences. User can choose which hosts to be included in Host Graph Overview and what information to be displayed for each host.

Customize Dashboard Page Layout


  • Select the preferred entity by clicking the blue button ‘All Entities’ on the top left corner.
Image 1: ORCHESTRATOR > Monitoring

  1. Navigate to ‘ORCHESTRATOR > Monitoring > Dashboard‘ Tab
  2. Click the button
  3. Select the checkboxes for sections you want to include and the sequence as well.

Image 2 : Monitoring > Dashboard Customized Page
  1. Click the ‘Save‘ button to save the changes.
    • The dashboard will refresh automatically to display sections according to your selection.


Customize Host Graph Overview

  1. Click on the button.
Image 3 : Host graph Overview customize parameters

  1. Select the checkboxes for hosts you want to highlight. and also click the button to choose the information for each host.
    • If parameters are not selected from the ‘Customized parameter‘ settings then the system will auto-select (Status, CPU usage & Utilization of the interface) the parameters.
  2. Click the ‘Save‘ button and the ‘Save Hosts‘ button to save your changes. The dashboard will refresh automatically to display the hosts in the Host Graph Overview section.

Image 4 : Host graph Overview