Configuration Loss Issue On HSA/UA

Issues with config loss on HSA/UA

HSA/UA is a high-performance embedded appliance, so most of the I/O processing happens in the RAM during normal operations, and we don’t expect much I/O to operate in the flash disk. Note firmware upgrade and config changes are saved on NAND flash, which has slow I/O by nature.

Saving the configuration changes (which we don’t expect to happen often), happens after the “write memory” command is executed (please do not power off immediately to complete the flash I/O process, Wait for 30s before physically power off.)
eg: when the config is still being saved to flash if you power off the device “unexpectedly”, there’s a chance that the change will not get saved, and you will encounter config losses.

Sometimes, when you try to do soft reboot (issue “reboot” command) after firmware upgrade or config save, you may experience the “reboot” is taking very long, that’s because of the saving process. If you’ve just made changes, please wait for it to auto-reboot (for the saving process to finish).

When there’s no change to the flash disk, it’s safe to power off/on the devices unlimitedly since there’s no I/O involved.