API Documents

RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) can use API to integrate with multiple external systems for user authentication or special business requirements such as marketing and data analytics etc.

Below are the list of API documents for developers and engineers.


For accessing to HSG user database. This API allows external CRM/database systems to work with HSG local user database so that you can integrate with any external systems for user authentication or retrieve access records for analytics etc. Refer mboxapi document


For external apps to perform autologin. This API allows external apps to interface with HSG via WISPr protocol to enable seamless login, eg. once the user device is connected to the network and launches apps, the apps will auto sign in for the user, without the need for users manually login to the captive portal. Refer wispr api document

SocialMedia API

Users can sign in to the captive portal via various social media accounts. HSG is already built to support the various social media providers such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This document is mainly a guide for engineers to provision and configures the various options at the captive portal setting. Refer social media api document