About This Guide



In this documentation, we will use mbox to generally refer to all RansNet hardware appliances. The specific product (s) will be mentioned when elaborating on respective features.

RansNet Online Documentation Guide is the best recommendation document specifically designed to outline how RansNet technology works and to enable customers who deploy RansNet solutions to achieve optimal results.

This document is not only intended to serve as deployment guides but also to provide descriptions of RansNet technology, recommendations for product selections, network design decisions, configuration procedures, and best practices. Together, this documentation makes you understand RansNet technology and designs for common customer deployment scenarios. 

Our customers rely on these proven designs to rapidly deploy RansNet solutions in their production environments with the assurance that they will perform and scale as expected.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for administrators who are responsible for deploying and configuring RansNet solutions on customer premises. Readers should have at least a basic understanding of WLAN concepts.

Typographical Conversion

The following informational icons are used throughout this guide: